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Biochemistry Analyzer is not just a standard photometer; it is a true new generation semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer capable of performing Routine Biochemistry, Hormonal assay, Electrolytes, Therapeutic drugs and Drug-enzyme investigations. AMY MEDICAL manufactures the high quality and cost effective Biochemistry Analyser at very affordable price.

This is a compact, simple, reliable semi-automated biochemistry analyzer capable to perform tests on whole blood, serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and urine as sample. Simple user friendly step by step instructions to ensured consistent results on which user can rely. Analytica is a programmable Analyzer for manual applications, designed for In Vitro Diagnostic, Veterinary and research use. AMY MEDICAL is the leading and best manufacturer of Semi automated Biochemistry Analyzer in China


Hematology analyzers are used to conduct a complete blood count (CBC), which include red blood cell (RBC), white blood cell (WBC), hemoglobin, and platelet counts, as well as hematocrit levels. Other analyses include: RBC distribution width. Mean corpuscular volume. Mean corpuscular hemoglobin.

Comprehensive, High-quality Hematology Solutions
Deliver precise, accurate results faster. Use our hematology analyzers to enhance your medical laboratory operations and improve patient care.

  • Our hematology instruments achieve accurate results quickly. Use automated repeat and reflex testing to reduce TAT and get accurate results faster from difficult specimens
  • Promote staff satisfaction. Reduce manual work, automate processes and use data management tools for auto-validation
  • Do more with less. Free up workspace with instruments designed for your laboratory’s fit and convenience needs
  • Strengthen the bottom line. Make analytical testing more economical and promote network growth with a full range of efficient hematology solutions

Amid Medical can provide you more quality with well reasonable of medical product, such as vet hematology analyzer, human hematology analyzer along with reagent, semi-auto biochemistry analyzer, fully auto biochemistry analyzer, Elisa reader&washer, Coagulation analyzer, Urine analyzer, Electrolyte analyzer of all in- vitro diagnostic equipment.Looking forward for doing good & long term cooperation and well after-sales service for you.Thinking medical product, choosing Amid medical service.


Amid Medical is the professional company of dealing with medical product provider, nearly more than 10 years for doing of medical instrument.

Looking forward for doing good & long term cooperation and well after-sales service for you.Thinking medical product, choosing Amid medical service.

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